Below is a simplified family tree of Hazrat Qutb Shah Awn ibn Ya‘lā to Malik of Anga. The author of 'Muarif ul Awan', has given a complete family tree in his book.

Hazrat Qutb Shah Awn ibn Ya‘lā
Hazrat Abdullah Gohar Shah
Hazrat Badr ud Din
Hazrat Toor
Hazrat Madhu
Hazrat Tarkhu
Hazrat Jogi
Hazrat Vitu
Hazrat Rebi
Hazrat Gondal
Hazrat Nedha
Hazrat Jham
Hazrat khilchi
Hazrat Haji
Hazrat Apilo
Hazrat Moroci
Hazrat Bhatti
Hazrat Babu
Hazrat Kamal Din
Hazrat Muhammadi
Hazrat Tejb
Hazrat Derya Khan
Azam Khan
Azmat Khan
Berkhordar Khan

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