Family tree of Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Below is a simplified family tree of Ali Ibn Abi Talib to Abdul-Allah Qutb Shah Awn ibn Ya‘lā. This family genealogical table has been copied from a very ancient manuscript found in the library of Qazi Mian Muhammad Amjad of Naushera. Jamal ad-Din Hasan ibn Yusuf ibn 'Ali ibn Muthahhar al-Hilli mentioned the names of first twelve generations of this Genealogical table in his book Kihalastah al-Nisab, a treatise on the descendants of 'Ali Ibn Abi Talib', Alawi. This treatise also includes the descendants of Ali Ibn Abi Talib who migrated to other countries after the rise of Umayyad Caliphate. The author of 'Bab-ul-Awan', a history of Awan tribe, also mentions the names of first twelve generations in his book. 'Bab-ul-Awan', a history of Awan tribe, by Muhammad Noor ud Din Sulemani, edition 1923. The source of the family tree from Hazrat Hussain ibn Ali to Aysha is History of Awan, by Muhammad Sarwar Khan Awan, 2009 by the Al- Faisal Nashran, Lahore.

Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib
Hazrat Al-Abbas ibn Ali
Hassan bin Ali
Hazrat Hussain ibn Ali
Hazrat Ubaid Ullah bin Abbas
Hassan Misna
Hazrat Zain ul Abidin
Hazrat Hassan bin Ubaid Allah
Hazrat Muhammad Baqir
Hazrat Hamza bin Hassan
Hazrat Jaffar Sadiq
Hazrat Jafar bin Hamza
Hazrat Musa Kazim
Hazrat Ali bin Jaffar
Hazrat Ali Raza
Hazrat Qasim bin Ali
Hazrat Muhammad al Jawad
Hazrat Al-Tiar bin Qasim
Hazrat Eisah
Hazrat Hamza bin Al-Tiar
Hazrat Mahmood bin Abd Allah
Hazrat Yeila bin Hamza
Abdullah Somei bin Jamal ud din Muhammad
Hazrat Qutb Shah Awn ibn Yeila
Abdullah Gohar Shah